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7 Essential Oil Blends: Fall 2017 Edition!

Now, we all know what comes to mind when we think of the smell of fall.

We also know that these smells can be captured in the form of candles and air fresheners. But did you know that candles and air fresheners are not good for your health? 

Dont get me wrong, not all candles are bad. But candles that contain lead-core based wicks and paraffin are extremely bad for our health.

Air fresheners aren’t any better. A 2007 study by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) tested 14 air fresheners sold at a local Walgreens. The results state that many of the chemicals in air freshener can cause developmental and reproductive problems, in our bodies and especially in infants.

So what can we do to get these delicious fall smells into our homes?

Essential Oils! Essential Oils have been proven to have many health benefits, some of these benefits include: Preventing and Treating Cancer, Helping Skin Conditions, and even Mental Disorders like Anxiety and Depression!

Why wouldn’t they be your first choice?!

Now let’s get to mixin’ baby!

I personally love using essential oils, not only do they make me feel good but they also have a wide variety so that I can mix them and get even more amazing smells!



••Pumpkin Spice••
°5 drops cinnamon
°1 drop clove
°1 drop nutmeg




••Spiced Chai••
°3 drops of Cardamom
°2 drops of Cinnamon
°2 drops of clove
°1 drop of Ginger




••Walking in the Wind••
°4 drops of cypress
°2 drops of fir
°2 drops of sandalwood




••Silence, In the trees••
°3 drops of frankincense
°2 drops of fir
°1 drop cedarwood




••Hot Apple Cider••
°4 drops thieves
°2 drops orange
°1 drop nutmeg





••Calm and Cozy Nights••
°1 drop lavender
°2 drops bergamot
°3 drops clary sage




••Autumn Sun••
°2 drops orange
°2 drops grapefruit
°1 drop of clove
°1 drop of cinnamon


Where Can You Find Essential Oils?

recommend using Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal quality protection, and that fact that they have high standards for their therapeutic grade essential oils. And of course because I love the way they smell!

You Can Also Find Them At Any Organic Store like Whole Foods, or anyplace that sells Essential Oil Diffusers should have them.

Note to reader:
••NEVER ingest these oils, and ALWAYS read how to dilute them correctly!
••Some essential oils can be irritating so don’t diffuse too many drops. If you feel less drops would be fine, feel free to change these blends to your personal liking.
••Essential oils in the recipes above that can be challenging for a baby’s sensitive system include: Clary Sage (in Calm and Cozy Nights)

I would absolutely love to hear about your favorite essential oils! Do you like to blend them with any others? What was your favorite blend that I made?

Make sure to look for my Winter Edition coming up NEXT WEEK!

Thanks for reading little foxes, see you again soon!


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