My Holiday Traveling Must-Haves!

Everyone knows traveling during the holidays becomes a hellish task that can turn even the nicest people into the ultimate Scrooge.

To prevent experiences from turning sour I wrote down a list of my own holiday traveling must-haves!

Whether you need in-flight entertainment, or in-home distractions…I’ve got you covered, so prepare to say so long to that bah-humbug attitude!


A Cozy Sweatshirt! 
Sweatshirts and the holidays are a match made in heaven! Packing a comfy sweatshirt or over-sized top in your bag is always a blessing during a flight or just chilling at home! 

(Left – Fluffy Yarn Sweater With Crew Neck, $35, ASOS)
(Middle – Tall Cable Knit Sweater, $42, ASOS)
(Right – Vero Moda Funnel Neck Side Stitched Sweater, $32, ASOS)


A Water Bottle
Through traveling experiences I know just how horrible it can take a toll on your health, so staying hydrated is extremely important to all travellers!I especially love stainless steel water bottles that come with handles or clasps to easily hook onto my luggage or rucksack!

(Futurespace Tech Insulated Stainless Bottle, $15.45, Amazon)


A Portable Phone Charger

Only few things are worse than having a dead device on your travels, a portable phone charger will put a stop to your worries about a dead battery and keep your mind at ease this holiday season!

(Morphie Powerstation Plus, $41.99, Best Buy)


Noise Cancelling Headphones
Let me just say one thing, we all need these to keep our sanity, whether it be on a plane or at home for awhile with family, these come in major handy! You of course can look for earphones that are comfortable and of good quality to you if that’s what you prefer!

(808 Shox Bt Wireless, $49.99, Google Express)


A Great Book or eBook
It may just be me because I love to read…but a good book is always one way to go about boredom around the family home. Catching up on your reading is never a bad idea especially when it’s a good book!

(Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, $10.56, Barnes and Noble)


Shoes to Fit Any Outfit! 
Ever heard of having too many shoes? Neither have I!
However, when it comes to packing multiple shoes is a major space taker and weighs a ton. So to save yourself the back pain, pick out a pair that will make any outfit perfect, of course a pair of adorable little black booties would be my example!

(Black Auden Booties, $59.99 reg, JustFab.Com)


Pack It Cubes
I can’t even express how much I love these cubes, they save so much space!! Roll up clothes and other amenities in seperate packing cubes and keep your electronics and cords together as well!

(Shacke Pak Packing Cubes & Laundry Bag, $22.99, Amazon)


Netflix and Chill
I love Netflix… It may not have everything I’d want to watch on it *cough Teen Wolf or Shadowhubters cough* but I love it nonetheless. Now that I can easily watch some of my favorite tv shows like The Originals, Reign, and Supernatural by downloading them for off-line viewing especially comes in handy during long flight or train ride!


Travel Size Me!
Travel Size toiletries are an amazing addition to save space! There are tons of travel size items in local drugstores and even online. One website I like to use is Pack Simply, they allow you to choose from millions of items and even give you a free toiletry bag for purchases over $20! They then ship all the items to you just in time for your travel date! Perfect for traveling, camping, or sleepovers!


Extra Advice and Tips! 

Traveling by Plane Tips

Get an aisle seat. Although it doesn’t have a veiw, it’s easier to get up when you need to and will help your seat companion hate you less.

Keep a granola bar or two in your bag. So you don’t get hangry waiting for your flight.


Buy a pair of cheap slippers or comfy fluffy socks to keep in your purse.

Be generous. Give people space, and PLEASE don’t put your feet on other people’s armrests nobody would want!

Traveling by Car Tips

Make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep. Even 2 days before you start your trip make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Take snacks. Vitamin packed healthy snacks like carrots, almonds, trail mixes will help you stay fueled up!

Stay Hydrated. Like I said above you have to stay hydrated, bring along your stainless steel water bottle or multiple water bottles.

Pack survival items. Just in case an emergency pops up a good list to look at is from BugOutBag Academy.

Less is more. You don’t need every pair of jeans you have, pick out several outfits and go to a coin laundry if you need to clean clothes.

•Stick to one bag per person. To give a lot more space in your car make sure to stick with the one bag per person rule…. Packing cubes come in especially handy here.

Traveling can either make or break the holiday mood. These tips will especially help bring that holiday vibe back in your life while having less stress and more laughs!


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