Get to Know Me



Kendall Heer, Freelance Writer/Blogger



So. I heard you want to know a little bit more about your next writer!

Well, let’s start with the easy stuff. 

My name is Kendall – no, not the Jenner, just little ol’ me Kendall Heer!
I’m an Indiana Hoosier who loves to hike, read, write and watch movies.
I also have a writing apprentice named Phoenix and despite whatever he tells you…he is a hedgehog! He often spends his days watching Netflix with me while I write and casually snack on Nutter Butters. 

Despite my age, I’ve already had the pleasure of working at a Culinary School, Military Museum, and Girl Scout Troop!
I formerly worked as an original lifestyle author at a London-based magazine, and have ghostwritten articles in different places pertaining to lifestyle and travel!

 Feel free to take a peek at some of my published work!

But Enough About me…Let’s Get to Business!

Does your magazine, blog, or business need a freelancer? Do you need someone to help write your business into success? Look no further, I am the perfect writer for you!

What Services Can I Provide to You?

  • Blogging
  • Article Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copy Editing/Proofreading

About What Wonderful Topics?

  • Non-Fiction – Biographies, History, Travel facts, Animal facts(…)
  • Lifestyle – How-to’s, Survival, Travel, Hacks, Fashion, Productivity, Business(…)
  • Travel – Where to’s, How-to’s, And even What-to’s

The Reason Why I’m A Perfect Fit?

Well, other than my one-of-a-kind personality… 

My objective is to help businesses everywhere create great content that will orbit around everyone’s daily lives! 

I learn fast and I’m a hard-working, extremely organized woman who is dead set on meeting deadlines as soon as possible!
That means when you work with me you will no longer have to fear that your valuable articles will be delivered on time! 

So, If  your company needs a quality freelance writer who actually delivers successSTOP SEARCHING RIGHT NOW AND CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY! 

Email me at :

There is also a contact form below that you can fill out and will automatically send me an email!

Thank-you tremendously for taking the time to read this! I hope to hear from you in no time!

Kendall Heer




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