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My Holiday Traveling Must-Haves!

Everyone knows traveling during the holidays becomes a hellish task that can turn even the nicest people into the ultimate Scrooge. To prevent experiences from turning sour I wrote down a list of my own holiday traveling must-haves! Whether you need in-flight entertainment, or in-home distractions...I've got you covered, so prepare to say so long… Continue reading My Holiday Traveling Must-Haves!

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7 Essential Oil Blends: Fall 2017 Edition!

Now, we all know what comes to mind when we think of the smell of fall. We also know that these smells can be captured in the form of candles and air fresheners. But did you know that candles and air fresheners are not good for your health?  Dont get me wrong, not all candles… Continue reading 7 Essential Oil Blends: Fall 2017 Edition!